contoh Kalimat Passive

1) Passive voice negatif
- Deni isn’t helped by Azis
- The cake isn’t eaten by her
- The homework was not made by juju this day
- The movies were not watched by them yesterday
- You were not shown the sights.
- She is not being shown the sights.
- He will not have been shown the sights.
- We should not be shown the sights.
- The Project were not worked by them this month
- The car is not driven by him

2)Kalimat tanya
- is Deni helped by azis?
- Is cake eaten by her?
- Was the homework made by them yesterday?
- Were they watched the movies last sunday?
- Were you shown the sights?
- Were the project worked by them this month?
- Is the car driven by him?
- Were the concert successed last night?
- is Deni sang by azis?
- were they finished the papers this month?

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