Genetic algorithms and Business Intelligence

Computers have helped us to process information more efficiently and to solve problems of the real life and real businesses. The first case are the tools we use daily, software like word processors, calculator, browsers, music player, video player, email reader. In the second case, we have the software that allow us to solve recurring problems, between them we have different programing languages for different devices.

Now imagine a next phase where we have computers generating their own solutions or even computers and men working together to solve problems. It’s Genetic algorithms, and today It’s real

Nowadays, businesses are pointing to have solutions to their recurring problems and they hire expert Software developers to solve those problems. Good, excellent decision. But what happen if in any moment you need to add a new variable to the developed system? or maybe the business does not have a predictive model, and It’s changing all the time. In these cases you need to call the developer each time you need to change anything.

With Genetic algorithms It can be avoided, or optimized. If you combine technologies like grid computing, predictive modeling, data mining an genetic programming, the program you create will have the necessary to create a real intelligent business, because It knows the business and is able to create solutions each time something changes.

Businesses can use Genetic algorithms to do intelligent data analysis, sales forecasting, stock forecasting, market analysis and market prediction.

An example of the use of Genetic algorithms are “Search engines”. Advanced search engines like Google use genetic algorithms in order to analyze and classify the information around the Internet, they don’t need to know what are going to search, they just know the task Crawl, store, analyze and classify. Other examples are software created for financial trading, health care, insurance and manufacturing.

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